O singura noapte

There are days when it seems that nothing goes wrong me, as I would like me much, as I will never have what I want now … At this moment, I give everything for one night … a night that dreams are not forever, a night to wake me no more, where not thinking about that will come a morning when the dream is over and I will remain like Cinderella without a Prince, without a carriage, without dream . A night without words, just look, just souls. The words are misleading and betrays you when you least expect it … why do not I, I just need silence, the silence, a silence that is only talking souls. They can not lie, not cheat, are pure … I would leave included in the arms of such a soul (which does not exist in reality), who can not lie, I would lose the intro so unreal world just for a night to feel what I would not never felt. I just one night, one night and not one day !


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