Words Are Powerful

I think we learn how to use words
As our weapons
Before we learn how to use weapons
To hurt others
I think people need to learn
The importance
Of the words they use
Before they throw them at people
Then blame others
For the situations that
They unknowingly created
There are too many ways to love a person
We should learn to create a world
Where we „dislike” rather then hate
We often say we „need” something
When we really just „desire” it
But words aren’t just our weapons
We use them as our saviors
We use them as our „virtues”
To inspire us, to form a trust…
Within different people
Who live different lives
We allow words to create
Our idenitys
To construct our paths
We use letters to grade
How smart a person is
Or what direction we think
They will go in life
When it is up to us
To decide that,
Nothing can decide that for us.


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