The path with no way back

Every poem that I’ve ever written
They are just moments
That I’ve tried to capture
Before the past turns to grey
And the colors of the now
Consume our veins
Giving us a reason to continue living
Please give me a reason to continue living
Show me the difference between black and white
Because I’ve lost all sense of direction
And falling has never felt so good before

We live to search for a passion
Something only we can create
Something only we can understand
For every moment that is wasted away
Will be gained back, someday
So let’s spend every moment
Gazing at the beauty
That this world holds
Savoring the taste of remembrance
Leave the tears to fall from the sky
Leave the questions
To be answered in the future
Leave the worry
For someone else to find

This is where moving forward takes place
This is the path with no way back
This path will not always be easy to see
Sometimes it’ll wind around curves
Sometimes it’ll be dark
Sometimes it’ll be so bright
That even the sun, know’s how pride feels
But this is the only path
That will keep us moving on
For when we look back
Only grey dust will fall
From the page’s of pain
The only book that has so many
Droplet’s of blood, sweat and tears
Stitched into the seams

This is the path of no resistance
The path of destiny
This is the path of a life created
A life created for you and me
It takes footsteps to follow
But only fear to turn away
So let’s close our eyes
And let bravery lead the way